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Transportation Monitoring System for EMERCOM

EMERCOM Vehicle Monitoring System is designed to automate decision making processes, involved in directing operations of mobile emergency response units, their vehicles, and equipment. It is based on the latest communications and GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation technologies.

The system can be used at any control level in all operational subdivisions of EMERCOM.

System Capabilities

  • Continuous vehicle location monitoring
  • Automatic transmission of vehicle location, speed, and sensor data to dispatch center
  • Selection of specialized vehicles, most appropriate for tactical response
  • Asignment of responsibility areas to vehicles and crews
  • Display of tactical situation on electronic maps
  • Information support for mobile units
  • Analytical and reporting tools
  • Historical vehicle travel data, displayed on electronic maps
  • Mileage control
  • Monitoring of the system and its components
  • Coordination of multiple simultaneous response by units from different agencies

Operational and Social Benefits

  • Creation of a unified monitoring, management, and coordination system for structural subdivisions of EMERCOM
  • Improvement of emergency response coordination between all functional and territorial subdivisions of EMERCOM
  • Enhancement in tactical readiness of EMERCOM forces and equipment, and increase in emergency response performance of EMERCOM units
  • Reduction in severity of accident consequences through faster arrival of help
  • Prevention of emergency situations through prompt reaction to potentially dangerous or hazardous conditions

Economic Effects

  • Reduction of vehicle maintenance expenses
  • Reduction in emergency response costs

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