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Unified transportation monitoring and dispatch system for APEC region

Among top priorities for APEC member economies is expansion of trade ties and further advancement of free trade in the region. Transportation provides the material base for commercial relations between discrete territories, serves as a cohesion factor for the common economic space, and ensures effective development of both distinct national economies as well as the world economy as a whole.

Transportation monitoring and dispatch solutions on the basis of various technologies are being implemented throughout the world. Economies are shaping their policy, pertaining to satellite navigation systems and other benefits of space technology. Development of telematics equipment and specialized software is underway in many countries. Globalization considerations,however, dictate that at least some elements of various telematics solutions be harmonized for ensuring interoperability and establishment of a single information field.

Present challenges, related to lack of a unified regional transportation monitoring and dispatch system, impact the effectiveness of the logistics sector and demand speedy coordinated resolution, utilizing all available modern technological achievements, including global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technologies.

Key to addressing those challenges is the development of trans­ portation monitoring and dispatch system, securing for APEC member economies a seamless supply chain, and incorporating multiple modes of transport, modern terminals, and cargo dispatch. The system will open new, effective transportation routes, permitting multimode cargo movements, such as Air-Land-Sea.Transportation control using global navigation satellite systems will permit real-time tracking of vehicle movements (speed, direction, coordinates) and can be used to speed up the clearance of regulated goods at the borders. When used in conjunction with specialized automated goods processing systems, GNSS technology will reduce overhead and speed up the delivery through timely provision of required information on vehicles and their cargo.
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