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Police Patrol Monitoring and Control System on the basis of GLONASS/GPS technologies

Patrol Squad Monitoring and Control System (PSMCS) is to be used for control and management automating of law enforcement fleets, emergency/fire units and alike, including patrol squads to be monitored and controlled by dispatch centers


PSMCS provides the dispatch center with information about every patrol squad location, motion speed, direction etc., as well as with flexible control tools.

Implementation Tasks

  • Control and management automating of patrol squads
  • Response time to incident reducing;
  • Reporting and analysis automation;
  • Integration with existing IT-solutions.

Main System Capabilities

Operational Control

  • Selecting on the map the nearest to the incident area patrol squad for immediate reacting;
  • Patrol squad location monitoring in both regular operational mode and emergency situations;
  • Patrol squad deploy and apply planning;
  • Operational environment indication on the electronic map;
  • Information support for patrol squads;
  • Coordination of various public services actions in emergency case;
  • Analysis and reporting automation.

Operational Monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of patrol squad’s location and vehicle’s condition;
  • Automatic data collecting from on-board sensors and transmitting it along with navigation information to the dispatch center on a regular basis;
  • Vehicle's systems remote diagnostics and alarm sending in case of abnormal parameters;
  • Patrol squad's location and tracking on the electronic map;
  • Patrol squad vehicle’s run made monitoring;
  • Onboard data recording in case of GSM network lost and automatic transmission to dispatch center when the network is available;
  • Graphic and text representing of the information about vehicle's location and status;
  • Automatic report generating;
  • Information storage in the database.

Hardware Components

Software Subsystems

Application Software Modules
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