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Green Stream – consolidated municipal surface passenger transportation management system


NIS GLONASS Green Stream comprehensive solution is offered as a component for intelligent transportation systems in cities with populations of 300,000 or more.

Green Stream solution features

  • Use of GLONASS and GPS satellite navigation technologies
  • Common automated system for dispatch management and ensuring safety of passenger transportation by all carriers
  • Common IT platform
  • Automated passenger information system
  • Automated timetable generation
  • Automated fare collection system
  • Integration with ERA-GLONASS and federal, agency, and regional systems

NIS GLONASS Green Stream solutions

Automated Planning System
  • Generation of timetables, accounting for limitations imposed by current traffic conditions
  • Evaluation of traffic situation and current passenger and freight flows
  • Simulation of the impact from changes to transportation network
  • Control over carrier performance and services quality, generation of reports
  • Creation of the common city-wide route database
Automated Dispatch System
  • Large-scale system (up to 10,000 vehicles and 500 workstations)
  • Common electronic map
  • City-wide passenger transportation dispatch center
  • Integration with passenger transportation route databases, timetables, and passenger flow monitoring
  • Integrated on-board telematics connectivity units: navigation, GSM/GPRS mobile and UHF radio communication, fuel level sensors, temperature sensors, smoke detectors, alarm button, video surveillance
  • Detection and rectification of deviations from timetable within two or three hours
  • Generation of reports. Comprehensive passenger information system.
Automated Safety System
  • Development of fundamentally new video event recorder for the video/audio system
  • Ensuring clear event record through increasing frame rates
  • Implementation of data exchange with Information and Dispatch automated systems
  • Use of domestically-produced video cameras
Automated Information System
  • Automated interaction with dispatch subsystem, processing and export of data
  • Minimal control center personnel requirements through use of IT solutions
  • Development of an information portal on the Internet
  • Development of passenger information subsystem for public transport stops using domestically-produced equipment
  • Access using popular mobile devices (though applications)
  • Subsystem scalability without changing software or increasing control center capacity

Adoption projects carried out

Green Stream solution is being implemented as part of the city of Moscow Automated Surface Passenger Transportation Management System Development Project

Deployment geography for NIS-M2M Group system solutions is provided in the Intelligent Transportation Systems for Cities section.

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