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Safe Bus & Smart Stop

Safe Bus and Smart Stop systems were developed by NIS GLONASS Technology Partner – M2M Telematics. These Intelligent Transportation System components improve the quality of surface public transportation services by providing the passengers with up-to-date information and ensuring their safety and comfort.

Safe Bus system provides:

  • Passenger compartment video surveillance
  • Video recording of traffic situation and events in passenger and driver compartments
  • Recording of voice communication between driver and dispatcher using highly-sensitive hidden microphone
  • Concealed alarm button (“Panic button”) for alerting the dispatcher or emergency response services
  • Monitoring passenger compartment conditions (air temperature, smoke detection)
  • Monitoring passenger flows using proximity sensors mounted above bus doors, for counting passengers that board and exit the bus
  • Display of the route number, departure and destination points, and travel direction
  • Display of the name of the next stop on the scrolling text display board

Smart Stop system provides:

  • Real-time display of expected bus/trolleybus/tram arrival times
  • Details about public transportation routes that can be boarded at this stop
  • Information on changes to public transportation routes and timetables, fares, contingencies, and so on
  • Enhanced passenger safety through video surveillance and availability of an alarm button for alerting situation center dispatcher and summoning emergency services 
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