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Company History

JSC "Navigation Information Systems" (NIS GLONASS) was founded in 2007 with the aim of becoming a leading player in the satellite navigation services market.
RF Government Resolution No. 549, dated 11 July 2009, "On National Navigation Services Provider", designates NIS GLONASS as the National Navigation Services Provider.
Resolution, approving "Development of GLONASS services market" and "ERA-GLONASS system implementation, operation, and provision of services" projects is adopted at the session of the Space and Telecommunications Workshop (No. 6) of the Presidential Commission for modernization and technological development of the Russian economy.
Alexander Gurko is appointed General Director of JSC "Navigation Information Systems".
Russian government commits to financing the ERA-GLONASS project.
Strategic decision to establish a joint venture in India for manufacturing GLONASS/GPS navigation equipment is made.
ERA-GLONASS Project Roadmap is reviewed and recommended for approval by the Presidential Commission for modernization and technological development of the Russian economy at the Commission's Workshop session.
RF Government designates NIS GLONASS the as the sole executing agency for the Roscosmos Government contract for building ERA-GLONASS Accident Emergency Response System.
JSC "NIS" is granted the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) license.
Negotiations on cooperation within the context of the GLONASS System begin with Republic of Belarus.
July 2010
NIS GLONASS is granted the mandate to implement the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Ukraine on adoption of GLONASS.
August 2010
The first international contract is signed by NIS GLONASS with HBL Power Systems Ltd. of India.
September 2010
ERA-GLONASS Accident Emergency Response System will be deployed in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Working meeting is held in Brazil between NIS GLONASS leadership and representatives of the Brazilian companies, specializing in provision of telematics services.

NIS GLONASS is the General Sponsor of the Mir Avtobusov Fair.

NIS GLONASS and the Olympic Games Transportation Directorate present an exhibition stand at the 9th International Investment Forum Sochi - 2010.

National Navigation Services Provider NIS GLONASS and the Olympic Games Transportation Directorate sign a Cooperation Agreement, pertaining to application of GLONASS technology and navigation information support during the preparation and hosting of the 2014 Olympic Games.
October 2010
Strategic agreement is signed with EMERCOM Emergencies Ministry of Russia.

ERA GLONASS System trials are successfully completed in Leningrad region.

Strategic cooperation agreements are signed with Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkaria.
November 2010
Agreements with Indian companies DIMTS and KELTRON are signed and equipment supply contract is concluded with Glonis Solutions.

JSC "NIS" wins the tender for supplying satellite navigation equipment and software to the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) of Russia.
December 2010
ERA-GLONASS Technical Conference with automakers is held in the city of Vladimir, Russia.

NIS GLONASS and NAVTEQ sign a Cooperation Agreement.

ERA-GLONASS Project is included in the Report of the Presidential Commission for modernization and technological development.

NIS GLONASS and Transportation Directorate of the Olympic Games conclude an agreement.
ERA-GLONASS Federal Program receives Government financing for 2011-2012.
Proposal for creation of Moscow Intelligent Transportation System is prepared by NIS GLONASS.
Proposal is prepared for establishment of Moscow Consolidated Passenger Transportation Dispatch Center based on GLONASS technology.
Establishment of NIS GLONASS Regional Partner Network is started.
The first transport interchange hub at Planernaya Metro station in Moscow is demonstrated to the Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. NIS GLONASS implemented the monitoring system at the hub.
ERA-GLONASS International Congress is held in Moscow.
Cooperation agreements are signed with T-Systems, Zatix, and Upaya.
Agreement is signed with Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
NIS GLONASS representatives participate in the HeRO Project workgroup session in Brussels.
Strategic Cooperation Agreement is signed by NIS GLONASS and the Government of Novosibirsk Region.
NIS GLONASS signs cooperation agreements with Sakha (Yakut) Republic and Astrakhan, Tomsk, and Ulyanovsk regions.
NIS GLONASS begins project development for the Moscow Intelligent Transportation System.
First stage of establishing the Regional Partner Network is complete.
New strategic cooperation agreements are signed with Russian regions.
New agreements with NIS GLONASS regional partners are signed.
Russian Federation Government Resolution No. 510 is adopted.
Universal communications protocol is developed by NIS GLONASS and Association GLONASS/GNSS Forum.
NIS GLONASS will supply the equipment for setting up navigation infrastructure for Ministry of Interior emergency response vehicle control and crisis management centers.
Cooperation Agreement is signed by NIS GLONASS and the Government of Karachay-Cherkess Republic.
Yevgeny Primakov is elected the Chairman of JSC "NIS" Board of Directors.
RF Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov and Yevgeny Primakov visit NIS GLONASS office in Moscow.
NIS GLONASS will build a transportation monitoring system for Transneft.
JSC "NIS" joins the Association of European Businesses (AEB) in Russia.
NIS GLONASS will equip all government vehicles in Russia with navigation-communication devices.
Smolensk Region navigation information system will be built by NIS GLONASS.
NIS GLONASS Regional Partner Conference is held at a resort near Moscow.
National Navigation Services Provider NIS GLONASS announced that all vehicles to be used in preparation and during the Olympics in Sochi have been equipped with GLONASS devices.
Within the context of the 10th International Investment Forum Sochi-2011, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reviewed key projects of National Navigation Services Provider NIS GLONASS: Sochi Logistics and Transportation Center and Electronic toll collection based on GLONASS technology.
An agreement on joint implementation of the ERA-GLONASS Pilot Project is signed by NIS GLONASS and the Government of Moscow Region.
Navigation satellite GLONASS-M is launched into orbit on the 3rd of October.
Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Valery Shantsev and NIS GLONASS General Director Alexander Gurko signed the Agreement of Intent on Cooperation for provision of navigation services.
Agreement on adoption of GLONASS-based navigation technologies is signed in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
National Navigation Services Provider JSC "NIS" established a regional dispatch center in Smolensk region.
NIS GLONASS began the work on the project of equipping Bashkirnefteprodukt vehicles with GLONASS/GPS navigation terminals.  
NIS GLONASS proposed turnkey GLONASS/GPS technology-based solutions for government and business sectors in India.
JSC "NIS" summarized the results of the open request for proposals for development of prototype ERA-GLONASS vehicle terminals.
Nokia became the first mobile device maker to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with JSC "Navigation Information Systems" (NIS GLONASS).
Centralized system for monitoring movements of trucks over 12 tons using satellite navigation technologies will be set up in CIS member states.
NIS GLONASS and Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System (DIMTS) of India reached an agreement on collaboration.
Sberbank and National Navigation Provider NIS GLONASS signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in implementation of the project of building the system for collection of tolls for use of the federal roads by owners or users of vehicles with maximum gross weight over 12 tons.
Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University (MADI) tested the system for collection of tolls for use of the federal roads trucks with maximum gross weight over 12 tons, created by National Navigation Services Provider NIS GLONASS.
iPhone 4S' GLONASS support is confirmed in independent testing, commissioned by the National Navigation Services Provider NIS GLONASS.
Joint Russian Post and NIS GLONASS project "Development and phased introduction of vehicle monitoring system" earns innovations award .
National Navigation Services Provider JSC "NIS", Belarus State Military Industrial Committee, and leading Belarus navigation-sector companies agreed on establishing a consolidated navigation information.
Russian National Navigation Services Provider NIS GLONASS registered an affiliate company NIS GLONASS Pvt. Ltd. in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra State, India.
JSC "NIS" completed generic design development for the 1-1-2 System. National Navigation Services Provider NIS GLONASS and Siemens agreed on cooperation.
Demonstration of the ERA-GLONASS System pilot project interoperability with the 1-1-2 System held in Kursk region.
NIS GLONASS and Ukravtodor (State Road Service of Ukraine) sign a Memorandum of Cooperation.
NIS GLONASS presented its technologies for building intelligent transportation systems for Indian market.
AvtoVAZ and National Navigation Services Provider NIS GLONASS sign an Agreement on Strategic Partnership for mainstream adoption of GLONASS technology in automobile transportation.
National Navigation Services Provider NIS GLONASS took part in the annual Mobile World Congress exhibition.
Agreement on development of GLONASS navigation technologies in Siberia has been signed.
NIS GLONASS jointly with Japanese developers will create an automated system for advancing Russian transportation infrastructure.
JSC “NIS” lunched operational testing of transportation monitoring system on the basis of GLONASS technology for JSC "Transneft".
NIS-M2M Group partner network spanned all Russian regions.
NIS GLONASS and EMERCOM Kursk Region Headquarters signed an agreement on building a technogenic emergencies management system.
JSC "NIS" will equip Liebherr-Russland machinery with transportation monitoring and management system.
JSC "NIS" and Transas Group concluded an agreement on developing cooperation in the sphere of GLONASS-based technologies.
NIS GLONASS and Hughes Telematics, Inc. announced the launch of a pilot project for provision of services for motorists.
Comprehensive deployment of GLONASS technologies started in the Russian regions that are part of international transportation corridors.
JSC "NIS" concluded an agreement with the French company SETEC ITS on developing Intelligent Transportation Systems.
GLONASS-based Navigation Information System has been set up in the Kostroma region.
GLONASS is helping the Scorpius yacht to weather a force 10 storm.
NIS-GLONASS and Russian Association of Motor Insurers agree on cooperation.
JSC “NIS” presented GLONASS technology at the InnoTrans 2012 International Trade Fair for Transport Technology in Berlin.
New General Director is appointed to head JSC “Navigation Information Systems”.
NIS GLONASS opened the first international GLONASS Technology Centre showroom in Mumbai.
JSC “Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System” and JSC “Navigation Information Systems” concluded a Strategic Cooperation Agreement.

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