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ITS Moscow

Intelligent Transportation Systems: ITS-City

For successful and dynamic development, modern cities must have transportation systems that are capable of serving the city's needs. This system should always be a step ahead of the city's passenger and freight transportation requirements. Traffic congestion in cities is alleviated through use of intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies, able to effectively manage roadway traffic and municipal passenger transportation on existing street and roadway network without increasing its density.

Despite relative novelty of the ITS concept in Russia, JSC "Navigation Information Systems" recognized it as one of its highest-priority business directions from the first day the Company was founded. ITS-City solution, intended for deployment of intelligent transportation systems in Russian cities with populations of 300,000 or more and combines domestic and international ITS expertise; investment financing mechanisms for ITS deployment have been developed.

Benefits from implementation of ITS-City

  • Improved throughput capacity of street and roadway network, sorter trip times, and higher operating efficiency of roadway transport
  • Increased popularity and greater appeal of municipal public transportation system
  • Better-quality service for roadway users
  • Enhanced road safety
  • Reduced impact of the transportation system on the environmental
  • Strengthened city's investment appeal and attractiveness as a tourism destination

ITS-City configuration

  • Set of standard technical solutions and ITS elements
  • Procedures for surveying the city's distinctive properties (geographical location, weather conditions, population and development density, terrain and natural obstacles, state of the street and roadway network, and existing base of the automated roadway traffic management systems) and selecting the most appropriate technical solutions and the best sequence of implementation stages
  • Alternate mechanisms for financing ITS implementation, including attracting investment and use of federal budget resources
  • Legal basis for deployment and subsequent operation of ITS
  • Mechanisms for interaction between various entities, involved in ITS deployment and operation processes (municipal administration, transportation department, traffic police, transportation companies, investors, and others)
  • Integration of the ITS with other information systems (EMERCOM Emergencies Ministry, Ministry of Interior, public works and utilities administration, city information portal, and others)

ITS-City subsystems:

ITS-City subsystems are selected based on principal ITS goals and objectives, extent and sequence of financing.

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