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Navigation support for major sporting events

NIS GLONASS developed GLONASS/GPS-based navigation information system for transportation support in preparation and staging of major sporting events.

This system provides the means for:
  • Transportation planning
  • Monitoring and control of location (GLONASS-based) and status of:
    • – Long-haul freight transport
      – Passenger transport
      – Emergency service vehicles
  • Continuous monitoring of cargo location and status, especially shipments of hazardous goods
  • Controling cargo delivery and transportation subcontractor performance

Project Objectives:

  • Establishing automated freight transportation management system (FT AMS) for all modes of transport: rail, air, roadway, and sea
  • Establishing automated passenger transportation management system (PT AMS) for all modes of transport: rail, air, sea, funicular, and roadway

  • Tasks:

    • Ensuring high level of safety and quality of roadway passenger transportation during preparation and staging of events
    • Coordinating rail, roadway, sea, and air freight carriers through cohesive strategic, operational, and short-term multimodal transportation planning and dispatch control over delivery schedule adherence
    • Setting up integrated information environment for automatically maintaining an operational model of transportation processes with identification of vehicles by registration number, and providing informational support to Control Centers
    • Safeguarding the authenticity of data being collected, processed, and stored by the system for ensuring and controlling ongoing transportation of freight and passengers during preparation and staging of major sporting events 
    • Continuous monitoring over deliveries of materials for construction of major sporting facilities, supplying information for managing freight transportation priorities in keeping with construction schedules, dynamic response to deviation from cargo delivery timetables
    • Optimizing cargo fleet utilization for transportation of freight to Olympic construction sites
    • Enhancing coordination of Control Center staff in obtaining and processing information for maintaining ongoing transportation of freight and passengers during preparation and staging of major sporting events

    National Navigation Provider NIS GLONASS developed technical requirements for transportation navigation-communication equipment, which include:

    • Equipping vehicles with GLONASS and/or GLONASS/GPS navigation receivers
    • Transmission of vehicle location, speed, and status data
    • Transmission of “Panic Button” alert
    • Provision of a two-way voice communication between vehicle driver and dispatcher

    Unique characteristics of the system:

    • Large transportation volumes, the need to transport tens of thousands of passengers and tons of cargo, simultaneous management of passenger and freight transportation  
    • Application of domestic GLONASS/GPS navigation technology for controlling thousands of cargo and passenger vehicles
    • Integration with automated road traffic management system and regional automated transportation monitoring and management system
    • Navigation information support for transportation industry and infrastructure at all project stages.

    Benefits from implementation of NIS GLONASS solutions:

    • Reduction of transportation costs for Olympic construction
    • Improvement in quality of construction and reduction in time required
    • Optimization of roadway network traffic handling capacity and throughput rate of infrastructure serving long-haul freight transportation  sector     
    • Mitigation of environmental effects

    The task of implementing GLONASS /GPS technologies for navigation information support of major sporting events is unprecedented in scale and complexity of technical and administrative challenges.

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